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Marketing Programs

Become a brand storyteller.

Think of your favorite company – what comes to mind? “Just Do It.” “I’m lovin’ it.” “Maybe she’s born with it.” A team of marketing professionals helped create slogans and tell the story of the biggest brands in the world. The UT Permian Basin Marketing program will prepare you for a successful marketing career in multiple industries and the not-for-profit and public sectors. You will learn retailing, advertising, promotion, brand strategy and activation, sales reporting, research, online marketing, and how to calculate ROI. You will also learn how businesses operation including their supply chain and financial strategies.

What can I do with a Marketing degree?

Marketing is fundamental in creating value and connecting, satisfying and retaining clients, it’s become essential in nearly every industry. A degree in marketing will prepare you for careers in advertising, promotions, sales, market research, SEO outreach and more.