BSW Field Education

Field education is the signature pedagogy of social work education.  It is in the field placement that students are afforded the opportunity to integrate the foundational knowledge gained from the academic curriculum into practical social work settings.

While in field practicum, students are supervised by knowledgeable social work professionals who meet the criteria identified by the BSW Director of Field Education. 

In the student's senior year of the program, students will complete approximately 15-16 supervised hours a week working with clients in the Permian Basin.   Each student is required to complete two sequential semesters of field placement, for a total of 240 per semester. In addition to the practicum, the student is required to enroll in and attend the weekly Field Practicum Seminar that facilitates the integration of coursework with practice

Field practicum is an exciting time for the student to explore their interest in the social work profession! Students will be matched with the agency of their interest as they apply skills and knowledge from the classroom into their professional roles.