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Minor in Social Work

Students who minor in Social Work learn a great deal about our society, its problems, its values, and its responses to needs. Students are better informed as citizens, and they are prepared to work intelligently to make our society better. The Social Work minor seeks to enhance student understanding of social policy and give students a basic understanding of social work practice. The Social Work minor, however, does NOT prepare students to be professional social workers or to seek state licensure as social workers.

Minor Requirements :

The Social Work minor requires completion of 18 semester credit hours in SOWK courses. Students must complete the following three courses (9sch):

SOWK 2361, Introduction to Social Work

SOWK 2320, Social Welfare Policies and Issues


SOWK 3320, Social Policy Analysis

SOWK 3324, Ethics and Values in Social Work

The student may choose the remaining 9 sch from the social work course offerings, with the exception of the field placement courses, which may be taken only by Social Work majors.