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Spanish Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish

A bachelor’s degree in Spanish is an obvious fit for the global business world. Students working towards a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Spanish will not only develop valuable language skills, but will cultivate appreciation for the Spanish culture through literature. With its emphasis on research, writing and creative and analytical thought, the Spanish major prepares students for graduate studies in Spanish and fields including law, business, education, medicine, tourism, cultural affairs, national security, and more.

Careers for Bachelor of Art in Spanish Majors

The skills you develop here will set you up for successful careers, including:

  • Government linguist
  • International Law
  • U.S. representative for foreign company
  • Foreign correspondent
  • Translator
  • Diplomat
  • Spanish teacher, including ESL in foreign countries
  • Immigration agent

Degree Requirements

  • The minimum total credits required for a B.A. in Spanish is 120.
  • At least 30 semester credit hours must be taken at UT Permian Basin.
  • All required and elective courses must be completed with a grade of “C“ or better.

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Requirements

  • Two semesters of intermediate Spanish language are prerequisite for the major and minor in Spanish: SPAN 2311 and 2312 (6sch), or SPAN 2313 and 2315 (6 sch), or Spanish CLEP with a minimum score of 66, native Spanish speakers with coordinator's approval. 
  • Students are required to complete 18 semester credit hours in a minor.
  • Students must complete 30 semester credit hours of upper-level courses in the following areas:
    • 6 semester credit hours of advanced Spanish
    • 6 credits of junior-level introductory courses
    • 3 credits of Hispanic Civilization
    • 3 credits of Peninsular Literature
    • 3 credits of Latin American Literature
    • 3 credits of Spanish Linguistics
    • 6 upper-level elective credits

Interested in Teaching?

Students who choose to major in Spanish can get certified to become a Spanish teacher. See what it takes to earn your teacher certification while working towards your Spanish degree.

Teacher Certifications