Sports Studies Minor

The Sports Studies Minor consists of 18 upper-level credits taken from select courses offered in History, Kinesiology and other academic disciplines.

Required Courses (12 sch)
  • HIST 4304 Global Sports History (3 sch)
  • HIST 4371 U.S. Sports History (3 sch)
  • KINE 4340 Sports in Society (3 sch)
  • KINE 4345 Sports in the Ancient World (3 sch)
Electives Courses (6 sch)
  • 2 upper-level elective courses
  • A minimum of one elective course must be taken in a discipline other than KINE or HIST.
Courses currently meeting the elective component of the Sport Studies Minor include
  • COMM 3315 Sports Communication (3 sch)
  • HIST 4305 Topics in Sports History (3 sch)

Note: Hist 4305 is repeatable but the topic of the course must be different each time it is taken

Additional elective eligible courses will be added as they become available.

If you use any course for the minor that is required in your major, you will need to arrange to take a replacement course with your major advisor in order to meet your major credit hour requirements. You cannot count a single course toward both your major and minor.

Any substitutions to the required or elective courses must be approved by Dr. Derek Catsam or Dr. Steve Aicinena and officially petitioned.

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