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Are you intensely curious about the past? Do you ever dive down rabbit holes to discover everything you can about another era, or about how a structure or custom came to be? If the past holds mystery and wonder to you, a history degree might be your calling.

The History program at UT Permian Basin serves a wide range of student aspirations, both professional and personal. You will be able to choose from History courses focused on the U.S., Europe, Asia, South Africa, sports, women, and Mexican American history. Students in the History program can also conduct research with faculty members.

What can I do with a History degree? 

Our faculty and curriculum shapes students to be the leaders of our future by building traits that can be applied to any occupation. A degree in History provides students with the ability to think critically, write clearly, listen closely, analyze rigorously, think broadly, read deeply, and speak confidently—skills applicable to any occupation.

Upon graduation, you'll be able to enter any number of professional pursuits, including but not limited to: teacher, journalist, lawyer, government employee, nonprofit leader, military, and consulting. 

Your B.A. in History also provides the foundation for graduate degrees both in and outside the field.