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History Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History

The Bachelor of Arts program in History serves a wide range of student aspirations, both professional and personal. History majors are taught to think critically, write clearly, listen closely, analyze rigorously, think broadly, read deeply, and speak confidently.

Degree Requirements

  • The B.A. in History requires a minimum of 120 total credits.
  • All required and elective courses must be completed with a grade of “C-” or better.

History Major Requirements

  • Students are required to complete 36 semester credit hours in History.
  • In addition to HIST 1301 and HIST 1302, students must complete at least one 2000-level non-US courses, and at least one upper level (3000 or 4000 levels) in each of four groups: American History to 1900; 20th Century American History; European History; and World History.
  • Further, students must complete a 4000-level Senior Seminar or a 6000-level graduate course (with approval). Students must earn a “B-” grade or better in this capstone course. 

Interested in Teaching?

Students who choose to major in History can earn their teacher certification to teach history. See what it takes to earn your teacher certification while working towards your History degree.

Teacher Certifications

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