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Minor in Mexican-American/Chicano Studies

The undergraduate minor in Mexican-American/Chicano Studies is an interdisciplinary program exploring the Mexican-American/Chicano experience. The combined courses cover topics such as Chicano history, politics, immigration, literature, art, and issues of race/ethnicity.

Minor Requirements

  • Students are required to complete 18 semester credit hours with no more than nine hours in any one discipline.
  • Students are required to complete HIST 4354 for three semester credit hours.

Other Courses

Students must choose from the following courses for a total of 15 semester credit hours:

ARTS 3305 Modern Hispanic Art and its Foundation
EDUC 4329 First and Second Language Acquisition
EDUC 4336 Issues Multilingualism
ENGL 3306 American Multicultural Fiction
HIST 3311 Studies in Mexico
HIST 4364 Mexican-American Women
HIST 4365 Mexican-American Leaders
HIST 4379 Studies in Post-1900 US History
SPAN 3312 Spanglish
SPAN 4351 Mexican Literature
SPAN 4352 Mexican-American Literature
SPAN 3321 Hispanic Civilization