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Minor in Studio Art

The Studio Art minor is geared toward students who enjoy creative problem-solving and who want to include a hands-on component to their primary course of study. A minor in Studio Art enhances visual communication and teaches you to collaborate, think critically, and build creative skills.

Studio Art Minor Requirements

To earn a minor in Studio Art, students must complete 18 semester credit hours.

Students are required to choose from the following lower-level courses for a total of nine semester credit hours:

One of the following:
ARTS 1303 Art History Survey I
ARTS 1304 Art History Survey II

One of the following:
ARTS 1311 Two Dimensional Design
ARTS 1312 Three Dimensional Design

One of the following:  
ARTS 1316 Introduction to Drawing
ARTS 2310 Figure Composition I

Students are required to choose one of the following upper-level courses:
ARTS 3301 Women Artists I
ARTS 3302 Women Artists II
ARTS 3303 American Art History I
ARTS 3305 Modern Hispanic Art and its Foundations
ARTS 4300 Concepts in Modern Art
ARTS 4301 Art since 1940
ARTS 4304 History of Nineteenth Century Art
ARTS 4305 History of Renaissance Art

The remaining six semester hours must be any ARTS upper-level course.

To declare a Minor in Studio Art, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult their academic advisor.

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