Minor in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design minor gives students a versatile set of skills that translate into many fields of work. The minor can be an excellent complement to business, public relations, communications, and journalism majors, as well as those majoring in Art. It provides an opportunity for students to learn the concepts, vocabulary, and design elements necessary to create impactful graphic design.

Graphic Design Minor Requirements

Students are required to complete the following lower-level courses for a total of 12 semester credit hours:
ARTS 1311 Two Dimensional Design 
ARTS 1316 Introduction to Drawing
ARTS 2348 Digital and­­­ Lens Imagery
ARTS 2358 Typography

Students are required to complete the following upper-level courses for a total of 9 semester credit hours:
ARTS 3348 Graphic Design: Print 
ARTS 4348 Graphic Design: Web 
ARTS 3346 Digital Photography 
ARTS 3360 Papermaking / Bookmaking 
ARTS 4392 Internship (must complete the required 15sch for the minor before attempting ARTS 4392)

To declare a Minor in Graphic Design, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult their academic advisor.

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