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The Spanish Language and Culture Certificate prepares students to gain command of the Spanish language and understand the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. This certificate is for students with studies in an area augmented by fluency in the Spanish language. 

Students who complete this certificate will be able to communicate with Spanish-speaking colleagues or customers. Students can include the certificate on resumes, indicating a conversational level of Spanish language proficiency. 

Certificate Requirements

Requirements for the Spanish Language and Culture Certificate include:

  • Intermediate level of proficiency. This means students are required to complete: SPAN 2311 and SPAN 2312. Students may also meet this requirement by passing a CLEP test at the approved level. 
  • Students are required to complete three 3000-level courses, one of which must be SPAN 3321.
  • An average grade of "C" or above is required across all three courses. 
  • Students who decide to continue Spanish studies to pursue a minor or a major in Spanish, will not be granted the Certificate.