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Minor in Biology

Biology serves as an appropriate minor area for students to complement majors in other sciences, such as Chemistry, Environmental Science, or Geology, in the behavioral sciences, such as Psychology and Sociology, and in many other majors.

Biology minors who intend to certify in Biology as a second teaching field must complete at least 24 semester credit hours rather than the 20 semester credit hours of an ordinary Biology minor, with a minimum of 12 semester credit hours at the upper level. In addition, they must complete the following requirements: CHEM 1311 General Chemistry I-CHEM 1111 General Chemistry Lab I and CHEM 1312 General Chemistry II-CHEM 1112 General Chemistry Lab II

Students transferring credits to U. T. Permian Basin in clinical courses such as nursing, medical technology and other allied health areas should consult with the Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee to determine the number of incoming credits that may apply toward a degree. The biology faculty will help students design programs of study to satisfy specific career objectives. A minimum of 120 hours, 48 of which must be upper-level, are required for the Bachelor’s degree.

Minor Requirements

Students earning a minor in Biology must take a minimum of 21 semester credit hours with a minimum of 12 at the upper level as follows.

Choose Any Two Courses of the Following List as Electives

But no more than one course from each group of “or” choices, bearing in mind that any prerequisites to a choice must be met:

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