Computer Science Master's Degree with Cyber Security Track

Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science with Cyber Security Track

The Cyber Security Track of M.S. in Computer Science is designed for educating students to gain the skills and expertise in the field of cyber security. To complete this cyber security track, the student must select following five computer science electives as part of the 30 hours required for the M.S. in Computer Science program.

Total required credits: 30 Credits

Cyber Security Track Electives: 15 credits

  • COSC 4370: Data Communication (3 credits)
  • COSC 4380: Cryptography (3 credits)
  • COSC 6350: Wireless Security (3 credits)
  • COSC 6351: Computer Forensics (3 credits)
  • COSC 6378: Computer and Network Security (3 credits)