Students in computer lab

Minor in Computer Science

The ability to take real-world problems and incorporate a technology-based solution is at the core of Computer Science. If you have selected another major, a minor in Computer Science will provide you with the concepts, tools and techniques involved in computer programming. A computer science minor can make your more hirable in the global business arena an enhance the value of your primary course of study.

Students minoring in Computer Science must complete the courses listed below or equivalent courses as approved by an advisor:  
COSC 1430 Introduction to Computer Science I 
COSC 2430 Introduction to Computer Science II 
COSC 2420 C Programming 
COSC 3310 Digital Computer Organization 
COSC 3315 Information Systems Design 

Students must complete one more upper level Computer Science class for a total of three semester credit hours.

To declare a Minor in Computer Science, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult their academic advisor.