Student heating a test tube in a chemistry lab

Minor in Chemistry

Chemistry examines the composition, structure, properties, and changes to matter at the molecular and atomic scale. A minor in chemistry can be an excellent complement for majors in another area of science, technology, engineering, or math. The chemistry minor provides a basic knowledge of chemistry across several fields.

Minor Requirements

Students are required to complete 21 semester credit hours in chemistry; nine of those hours must be upper level courses.

Below are the likely courses chemistry minors will take:

Lower Level

CHEM 1311 General Chemistry I(3)† sch
CHEM 1111 General Chemistry Lab I(1)† sch
CHEM 1312 General Chemistry II(3)† sch
CHEM 1112 General Chemistry Lab II(1)† sch

Upper Level

CHEM 3311 Organic Chemistry I(3) sch
CHEM 3113 Organic Chemistry Lab I(1) sch
CHEM 3312 Organic Chemistry II(3) sch
CHEM 3114 Organic Chemistry Lab II(1) sch
CHEM 3324 Analytical Chemistry I(3) sch
CHEM 3225 Analytical Chemistry Lab I(2) sch