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Simulation and Game Design Degree Track

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science with Game and Simulation Track

The Simulation and Game Design Track is designed for students interested in the computer video game and simulation industries or related fields. This track introduces students to core principles of game design, along with a strong foundation in the digital arts concepts.

Total hours for B.S. degree with Major in Computer Science, Simulation and Game Design Track is 120 hours total with 48 hours taken at the upper level. A minor is required.

Degree Requirements

  • The minimum total credits required for a BS in Computer Science, Simulation and Game Design Track is 120.
  • All required and elective courses must be completed with a grade of “C-” or better.
  • All candidates for this degree must fulfill the basic education requirements and the mathematics requirements.

Computer Science Major Requirements

  • Students are required to complete at least 48 upper level semester credit hours, plus a minor and additional electives. 
  • Students must complete 25 semester credit hours of Computer Science core courses that include:
    • COSC 1430: Intro Computer Science I 
    • COSC 2430: Intro Computer Science II
    • COSC 2420: C Programming
    • COSC 3310: Computer Organization 
    • COSC 3312: Discrete Mathematics 
    • COSC 3315: Information Systems
    • COSC 3420: Data Structure 
  • Students must complete 22 semester credit hours of Simulation and Game Design Track electives that include: 
    • ARTS 2348: Digital Art
    • ARTS 2358: Graphic Art: Typography
    • ARTS 3358: Digital Illustration
    • COSC 4490: Intro to Game Development
    • COSC 4361: Game Design and Production
    • COSC 4362: Augmented and Virtual Reality
    • COSC 4395: Research in Game and Simulation
  • Students must complete 14 semester credit hours of Mathematics that include: 
    • MATH 2413: Calculus I
    • MATH 2414: Calculus II
    • MATH 3301: Statistics
    • MATH 3305: Math Reasoning
  • Student must also complete Capstone CourseFreshman Seminar, and 13 semester credit hours of General Electives.