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Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical Engineering

As a student of The University of Texas Permian Basin Mechanical Engineering program, you will be trained as a professional engineer that is able to formulate and solve problems of today and tomorrow. To a great extent, our standard of living and high level of technology are due to the diligent and innovative efforts of engineers. Future accomplishments could help increase energy and food supplies, develop more contamination-free power plants, aid in medical science's fight against disease, and expand our computational and design skills beyond imagination. While scientists "explore what is," engineers "create what never has been."

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Degree Requirements

  • Students must complete 126 semester credit hours to earn a BS in mechanical engineering.
  • A minor is not required for a BS in mechanical engineering.
  • Students must complete 23 semester credit hours of lower-division engineering pre-requisites before moving on to upper-level courses.

Required Mechanical Engineering Courses

  • Students are required to complete 54 semester credit hours of upper-level courses.
  • Since all students seeking a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering are required to take a cross-section of courses from a variety of engineering disciplines, the College does not award double majors.
  • Students must choose two of the following electives: MENG 4311, MENG 4365, MENG 4370 and MENG 4372.

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