Mechanical Equipment

Do you ever wonder how something was built or thought, “how does that work?” If you have found yourself taking something apart just to see how it works, mechanical engineering may be the field of study for you. Often described as the oldest field in engineering, mechanical engineers are credited for creating the world we know today. From the car you drive, the stove you cook on and the bed you sleep in, an engineer helped create it.

ABET accredited, The University of Texas Permian Basin’s Mechanical Engineering program strives to train future engineers to solve problems of today and tomorrow. Though not required, students have the opportunity to choose a concentration in this program: aerospace or nuclear.

What do Mechanical Engineers do?

As a mechanical engineer, you may design a component, a machine, a system or a process for a product. Mechanical engineers work in automotive, chemical, computer, communication, paper, and power generation industries. You can find mechanical engineers in virtually any manufacturing industry.