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Master's Degree in Accounting

Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA)

The Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA) program is designed to serve both as a fifth year of study for continuing undergraduate students who intend to meet requirements for a CPA license and as a part-time program for individuals working in accounting and related fields.

Though some students will proceed to doctoral level preparation, the overall goal of the program is to prepare individuals for business endeavors. The program emphasizes specialization in specific regionally-relevant organizational types, including small and entrepreneurial firms, service firms, and government. All classes are offered online. 

Graduate Accounting Admission

MPA Degree Requirements 

MPA Degree Plan

  • Students are required to complete 36 semester credit hours for BBA and 54 semester credit hours for non-BBA. 
  • Students must maintain an overall average of B and an overall 3.0 GPA every semester. 

Core Courses (24 semester credit hours)

ACCT 6302 Contemporary Control Systems 
ACCT 6305 Topics in Financial Accounting 
ACCT 6311 Information Systems Management
ACCT 6313 Professional Ethics
ACCT 6315 Topics in Federal Income Tax 
ACCT 6316 Topics in Audit
ACCT 6374 Professional Accountancy Capstone I
ACCT 6375 Professional Accountancy Capstone II

Courses Beyond Core (6 semester credit hours)

FINA 6320 Financial Management
MNGT 6301 Legal Environment of Business
2 Elective Courses - Any 6XXX-level ACCT, BUSI, FINA, MNGT, or MRKT course not otherwise required 

Preparation Courses: Upon admission (regular and conditional), students will be evaluated for statistical literacy. Students who need additional skills in this area are referred to BUSI 2342 (statistical literacy) until the literacy requirement is fulfilled. Statistical literacy (BUSI 2342) must be remedied in the first semester in which the student is accepted into the MBA program and must be taken before the student enrolls in courses.

Students without an academic background in accounting must demonstrate their knowledge in accounting by completing 15 - 18 hours of accounting coursework. Students without an academic background in business must demonstrate their knowledge of the basic fields of business by completing leveling course work in the foundation disciplines that include statistics, economics, management, and marketing.