Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology - Pre-Dental

If you dream of helping people get and keep healthy teeth and smiles, dental school may be in your path. Most dental programs take four years to complete after undergraduate work. While there is no official “pre-dental” major at UT Permian Basin, there are specific courses you should take that will put you on the track for dental school.

A sample of dental schools in Texas:

Most dental schools have essentially the same minimum undergraduate prerequisites. The following are UT Permian Basin courses you should consider working into your degree plan with one of our academic advisors. Those courses include:

ENGL 1301 Composition I
ENGL 1302 Composition II

CHEM 1311/1111 General Chemistry I/General Chemistry Lab I
CHEM 1312/1112 General Chemistry I/General Chemistry Lab I
CHEM 3411/3113 Organic Chemistry I/Experimental Organic Lab I
CHEM 3412/3114 Organic Chemistry II/Experimental Organic Lab II

PHYS 1301/1101 University Physics I/ University Physics I Laboratory
PHYS 1302/1102 University Physics II/ University Physics II Laboratory

BIOL 1306/1106 General Biology I/General Biology I Lab
BIOL 1307/1107 General Biology II/ General Biology II Lab
BIOL 4320 Cell Biochemistry
and at least two upper level Biology courses.

Applying to Dental School

The eight public medical schools in Texas are all served through one central application service, Texas Medical and Dental School Application Service (TMDSAS).

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