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Experimental Psychology Accelerated Master’s Program

Masters of Arts (MA) in Experimental Psychology – Accelerated Master’s Program

The Accelerated Experimental Psychology concentration focuses on psychological theory (i.e., cognitive, health, personality, and social psychological), research methods, statistics, and manuscript preparation. Students in this program will complete a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in experimental psychology with a combined total of 150 credit hours.

Admission Requirements:

  • Students must meet with their undergraduate advisor and the AMP coordinator to determine eligibility.
  • Students must write a letter of intent describing their interest in the program, career goals, and the faculty member they wish to work with.
  • 90 undergraduate hours must be completed, including 15 hours in psychology, before students are eligible to officially apply.
  • Students must have an overall 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.25 GPA in all psychology courses.

AMP Recommendations

  • Students should enroll in Introductory Statistics (PSYC 3301) and complete Experimental Psychology (PSYC 3304/3104) early in their undergraduate career.
  • In addition to Senior Seminar (PSYC 4393), students must enroll in Senior Honors Thesis (PSYC 4394).
  • Other recommended courses include: Health (PSYC 4307), Cognitive (PSYC 4311), Physiological (PSYC 4304), Social Psychology (PSYC 3311), Lifespan Development (PSYC 3344), and Tests and Measurement (PSYC 4351).
  • Students will enroll in five graduate courses in the last semester of their senior year.

Experimental Psychology AMP Degree Plan 

AMP in Psychology Application

Application Deadlines: 

Spring: October 22 

Summer: March 15

Fall: July 1 

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