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Minor in Psychological Health and Wellness

The minor in Psychological Health and Wellness is a minimum of 18 credit hour (6 courses) program designed to give students exposure to the psychological science of wellness and health. This program is relevant to any students pursuing academic majors that involve working with people or social communication systems to include but no limited to Business Management or Marketing, Kinesiology, Athletic Training, Nursing, Education, and Criminology. This minor cannot be taken if one is a psychology major.

Completion of the minor in Psychological Health and Wellness will enable students to discuss the role of psychology in promoting evidence-based wellness from a biopsychosocial perspective, and it will enable them to apply key principles to the promotion of psychological health and wellness.

Beginning with an introduction to psychology, students are required to take health psychology (PSYC 4307) and positive psychology (PSYC 3350). Then, students can choose an additional three courses from a list of four possible courses including lifespan development (PSYC 3344), human sexuality (PSYC 3386), physiological psychology (PSYC 4304), and drugs & behavior (PSYC 4305) Note that these courses may be taken when they are offered online or in-person.

Minor Requirements

Students must complete 18 semester credit hours to earn a minor in Psychological Health and Wellness.
  • Students must take the three courses below (9 sch):
    • PSYC 1301, Introduction to Psychology (prerequisite for upper-level PSYC courses)
    • PSYC 4307, Health Psychology
    • PSYC 3350, Positive Psychology
  • Students may select three courses from below (9 sch):
    • PSYC 3344, Lifespan Development
    • PSYC 3386, Human Sexuality
    • PSYC 4304, Physiological Psychology
    • PSYC 4305, Drugs & Behavior

To declare a Minor in Psychological Health and Wellness, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult their academic advisor.

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