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Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

How we provide the best library for our community.

Mission Statement:

The library seeks to offer students, faculty, staff and the general public the information tools they need for excellence in research, teaching, learning, knowledge, and innovation. The library pursues to provide services, facilities and an environment that enhances the utilization of library resources by keeping the library and its resources relevant, up-to-date, and accessible to all for lifelong learning.  

Vision Statement:

The Library aspires to create the primary dynamic culture for lifelong learning with a focus on student success. We strive to be an empowering, cutting-edge center of educational and collaborative services and reliable resources. The staff supports the faculty and students in achieving their academic objectives.

Goals and Objectives:

To guide and extend the scholarly activities of the University by preparing students and supplying faculty with the proper curricular and informational needs.

To foster faculty, staff, and administration with key J. Conrad Dunagan Library services that support academic freedom and integrity.

To promote and enrich independent lifelong online and offline learning skills by providing full access to a wide range of information in a modern facility.