Retired UTPB faculty members are extended library privileges. There is no charge for getting a library card. The library card is good for one year from date of approval. When the card expires, the patron must complete the application form again and get a new (free) card. This ensures that the information in the patron record is current and accurate. The library card can only be used by the person to whom it was issued. When checking-out books, both the UTPB library card and a photo ID (driver’s license or passport) must be presented.

The application forms are available at the Library Services desk. A photocopy of the application is given to the patron. The original is given to the Head of Access Services who processes the application, makes the card, and then notifies the patron.

The patron may check-out a maximum of ten books from the Circulating Collection only. The loan period is for 28 days. Two renewals are allowed. When a book is more than 14 days overdue, it is considered Checked-Out-Assumed-Lost (COAL). The patron’s library account is charged actual replacement cost plus $10 processing fee. If the item is returned, only the $10.00 processing fee is due.  There are no daily/regular fines/fees. However, the patron must pay to replace lost items, recall fines ($1/day), processing fees, and charges for damage. All charges must be paid for in the Accounting Office and the receipt brought back and presented to the staff at the Library Services desk. Borrowing privileges are blocked if there are overdue items. 

Two overdue notices are sent. The final notice is a bill to cover the replacement cost plus processing fee for the lost item.

With permission from the retired faculty member’s university ex-department, the patron may acquire items through the Library’s ILL department.