Parking Policies

The Board of Regents of the University of Texas System has promulgated parking and traffic regulations (Sections 51.201 et seq. 54.0005, 54.504, 65.31 and 72.01 et seq. of Title 3 of the Texas Education Code.) to regulate and to control parking and traffic and the use of parking facilities, to provide for the issuance of vehicle identification insignia, and to provide for jurisdiction over offenses. These rules and regulations are supplementary to the ordinances of the City of Odessa and the statutes of the State of Texas, which govern pedestrians and the use of motor vehicles and bicycles.

U.T. P. B. POLICE OFFICERS have the responsibility and legal authority for the enforcement of the parking and traffic regulations. University police officers may issue university citations or court appearance citations on University Campus or on public streets as they are State Police Officers.

The University reserves the right to enforce parking and traffic regulations through the following methods:

  1. Issuing University citations;
  2. Issuing court appearance citations;
  3. Barring the re-admission and withholding the grades, degrees, refunds and official transcripts of any student for non-payment of outstanding charges;
  4. By disciplinary action;
  5. By impounding the vehicle;
  6. By other methods as necessary;

DISPLAY OF PERMITS: Parking permits must be properly displayed on the vehicle. The permit should hang from the rearview mirror, with the permit number visible through the front windshield.

POSTED SIGNS: Posted signs, whether permanent or temporary, must be obeyed at all times and take precedence over painted curbs, pavement markings and designations shown on University maps. The Chief of Police or his designee with the approval from the University President can close certain parking lots for special occasions.

PARKING: A vehicle shall not be parked in a backed-in position in any angled parking spot. Nor shall the vehicle be parked opposite the flow of traffic in traffic lanes where parallel parking is required. Vehicles must be parked within the marked boundaries of one parking space. No vehicle shall be parked in a manner that obstructs a walkway, driveway, ramp, loading dock, or crosswalk. No vehicle shall be parked in any area not designated for parking.

SPEED LIMITThe speed limit on campus streets is 30 mph. The speed limit in parking lots, student housing, and areas not otherwise posted is 10 mph.

PROCEDURE REGARDING UNIVERSITY CITATIONS 24 HOUR RULEIf you receive a citation for FAILURE TO DISPLAY PERMIT contact the Police Department located in the Mesa Building Lobby within 24 hours. If you purchase your permit within the first 24 hours after receiving the citation, it may be voided.

APPEAL OF CITATION(S): The citation appeal process was established by the Parking and Traffic Committee to process appeals in an efficient manner. The Parking and Traffic Committee is composed of faculty, staff, and student representatives. The committee is appointed by the President of the University for a 12 month term. University parking and traffic citations may be appealed within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the citation. Citation appeal forms are available on the UTPB Web site.

If your appeal is denied you may request a personal appearance with the Parking and Traffic Committee.

SUSPENSION OF PRIVILEGE TO DRIVE AND PARK ON CAMPUS: Any person found to have committed the following, may lose the privilege of driving or parking on the university campus for six (6) months:

  • Forgeries, alters a permit or is in possession of a forged or altered permit.
  • Provides false information to obtain a permit
  • Repeat offenders with 4 or more traffic violations
  • Other offenses which may result in disciplinary action

The loss of the privilege of driving or parking on campus may commence ten (10) calendar days after the Chief of Police contacts the violator. Notice of suspension shall be given in writing. The notice will advise the reason and term of the suspension. The notice will advise the owner/driver of possible impoundment for parking offenses committed during the period of suspension.

The University may deem an unattended motor vehicle, including a motorcycle, motor scooter, moped, or bicycle on the University campus for more than 48 hours, to be abandoned and may dispose of such vehicle as provided by law. The University is not responsible for fire, theft, damage to, or loss of any vehicle parked or operated on the University campus. No bailment is created by the granting of any parking privileges regarding a vehicle on any property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the University. The University of Texas Permian Basin assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on campus.

The University of Texas Permian Basin Police Department reserves the right to issue court appearance citations for any violations. Fines for court appearance citations are determined by the City of Odessa.



University Police

2911 on campus

552-2786 (on-campus 2786)

Odessa Police Department



Odessa Fire Department



UTPB Automated Information

9-552-2020 or (on Campus) 2020

Odessa Municipal Court


Types of Permits and Annual Fees






Outer Parking, Gym, and Library Lots

Faculty, Staff, and Student



A North Garage
(24 hour Reserved)

Administration President Assigned



B South Garage
(Reserved 7:30 am - 5:30 pm and some 24 hour)

Assigned Faculty & Staff President Assigned



Faculty Reserved Lot/Spaces
(Reserved for Faculty)

Full time Faculty



Closed-in Parking
(Mesa, Devonian, Inner Library Lots)




Staff Reserved Spaces (Reserved for Staff, Gym, Visual Arts, Library, Mesa Lots Only

Full time Staff


Dk. Blue

Disabled (Proper Documentation is required)

Handicapped Placard Required


Additional or


Parking Violations


Parking Violations



Displaying a expired parking permit



Parking in Reserved Area (ex. student parking in staff parking)



Parking beyond barricades



Parking by a fire hydrant (Vehicle will be impounded)



Parking in a disabled area without a disabled permit



Parking where prohibited by signs or markings



Faculty/Staff or Student parked in a visitor space



Failure to observe temporary parking or traffic restrictions



Parking or storing a bicycle inside a building



Parking in a restricted zone (Ex: Loading zone)



Failure to display parking permit



Parking on or along a curb not designated for parking



Parking in an area not designated for parking



Parking permit improperly displayed



Failure to park within the line of a parking spaces



Blocking a driving lane



Blocking a crosswalk or sidewalk without authorization



Parking on campus over 24 hours without permission



Parking wrong way on one way street



Parking wrong way on two way street



Improper parking of bicycle



Failure to apply parking brake



Parking in a back-in position



Double parking



Any Other Texas Parking Violation / Expired Permits



Vehicle Running Unattended



Park Wheels More than 18" From Curb






Display a fraudulent parking permit



Obtaining a permitted through false pretenses



Obtaining a permit for another person through false pretenses



Displaying a lost or stolen parking permit



Altering a parking permit


Municipal Citations received in the City of Odessa - Contact City of Odessa Municipal Court located at 201 N Grant Ave - Phone Number 432-335-3300.

Municipal Citations received in the City of Midland - Contact Midland JP Court Precinct 4 located at 707 W. Washington in Midland - Phone Number 432-688-4724

Citation Appeal Form

PENALTY FOR FAILURE TO PAY FINES: It is the responsibility of the registrant of a vehicle to clear any tickets with the Accounting Office within ten (10) days from the date of the citation. If a student accumulates $100 or more of outstanding fees, a hold will be placed by the University, withholding a student's transcript and blocking future registration. A vehicle is subject to impoundment when found in violation of having accumulated six (6) past-due citations. The registrant must pay all citations and fees to reclaim the vehicle.