Become a Registered Student Organization (RSO)

Do you have an idea for or are you part of a group who would benefit from the exposure and school-wide acknowledgement of being a Registered Student Organization (RSO)? Explore the steps below to learn how to become an RSO.

Follow the Steps to Become an RSO:

Step One: Find 5 students who are interested in starting this organization.

You will also need a full-time faculty or staff member as an advisor. If your organization needs assistance with finding a faculty or staff advisor, please email studentlife@utpb.edu.

Step Two: Create a constitution for your organization

Not sure how to write a constitution? Check out our sample! All organization constitutions must include a non-discrimination clause and membership clause.

Step Three: Create a new Organization through FalconLink.

Not sure where to begin? Reference our step-by-step registration guide.

Step Four: Complete the Risk Management Training.

Three officers and your Advisor must take and pass the UTPB Risk Management Quiz. Officers must complete risk management training every year. Advisors must complete it every three years.

It is the responsibility of officers to communicate the risk management training with all organization members within 30 days of completing the training themselves.

Step 5: Wait for your confirmation email from the Office of Student Life through FalconLink.

Congratulations! You are an RSO.

Information to Keep in Mind

  • All Student Organizations MUST complete Step 1 - 4 by the deadline each FALL semester in order to continue to be registered and recognized by the University.
  • All Student Organizations who become registered/recognized in the FALL semester will need to update their Organization roster and FalconLink page at the beginning of the SPRING semester. Deadlines will be emailed to the current executive board members on file.