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Assets Procedures

Asset Accountant

The Asset Accountant is responsible for maintaining inventory policy, procedure, and guidelines in accordance to state laws and university rules. It is their job to retain inventory records and maintain data consistency between PeopleSoft and the IRD database.

The Annual Physical Inventory is performed and completed by the Asset Accountant in order to ensure proper tagging and recording of all Capitalized and Controlled Equipment.

During the physical inventory process if any items are unfound or have not yet been tagged the equipment in question will be researched as necessary and decision will be made in regard to tagging the University property. Required forms for missing and deleted property will also be completed for all items not found during the Annual Physical Inventory.

Please direct all questions and concerns regarding the tagging of assets and Annual Physical Inventory to the Asset Accountant in the Office of Accounting.


General Procedures

Adding and Removing Assets


Annual Inventory




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