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Outside Activity Reporting

UT System requires that we complete certain disclosures each calendar year. We have an online reporting system to meet the reporting requirements for Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, Gifts, Outside Employment and the other mandatory reporting matters.

Who must complete this requirement?

All Full-time and Part-Time Faculty and Staff (Student Workers are the only group that does not have to complete this information)

What types of activities must be reported?

Activities that must be pre-approved:
  • Outside employment or other compensated activities; this includes Faculty that teach at another institution of higher education or are considering doing so.
  • Service on outside boards, and
  • Any uncompensated activity that reasonably appears to create a conflict of interest or conflict of commitment
Additional activities that require disclosure:
  • Substantial interest in business entities
  • Uncompensated outside activities
  • Gifts

When must I complete this requirement?

New activity should be entered at any time during the year as it arises. Usually in the Spring the Compliance department will send out communication of when all activities must be finalized for the previous year.

Does this just apply to me?

Some of the activities must also be reported for your spouse, other adults in your household, dependent children and other dependents. Refer to the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) links listed below.

What if I don’t have any outside activity?

You should log in to the portal and "Report No Activity" for the year.

What must I do to complete reporting?

Requirement References

UTPB Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP)