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Police Department Personnel
               Position          Name             Email            Assignment

Chief of Police

Tom A. Hain Office of the Chief of Police

Admin. Assistant

Elizabeth Johnson Admin. Asst. to Chief of Police

Office Manager

Tommie Streger Support Services
Assistant Chief Matthew Muehlbrad Office of the Chief of Police
Lieutenant Johnny Valderaz Patrol Services Supervisor
Sergeant/FTO Donald Alsbrook Patrol Services
Sergeant/FTO Raymond Feril Patrol Services
Sergeant/FTS George Harris Patrol Services
Sergeant/FTO Viviana Vasquez Patrol Services
Sergeant Travis Fraser Support Services Supervisor
Police Officer Anthony Rossman Support Services/STEM SRO
Police Officer Linda Scott Support Services/WNPAC
Police Officer Georgia Reyes Patrol Services
Police Officer Caylee Helton Patrol Services
Police Officer Zachary Dennis Patrol Services
Police Officer Jose Rodriguez Patrol Services
Police Officer Ryan Kelly Patrol Services
Police Officer Donnie Shuck Patrol Services/Emergency Mgmt
Police Officer Trent Sellers Patrol Services
Police Officer Luis Valenzuela Patrol Services
Police Officer Taylor Martin Patrol Services
Police Officer Ian Kapets Patrol Services
Public Safety Officer Michael Staple PSO Supervisor
Public Safety Officer Jada Allen Support Services
Public Safety Officer Brice Brown Support Services
Communications Manager Christi Becker Communications Supervisor
Telecommunicator Griselda Sotelo Communications
Telecommunicator Alyssa Orona Communications
Telecommunicator Marina Muela Communications
Telecommunicator Bella Gregston Communication
Evidence Technician Hailey Underwood Support Services