Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

The SI Program targets traditionally difficult academic subjects—those that have a high rate of D or F grades and withdrawals—and provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer facilitated review sessions.

  • It is fun and exciting
  • It's a good way to meet new friends
  • Helps you prepare for tests
  • Receive better grade in class
  • You learn how to learn and what to learn

Who is an SI Leader?

An SI Leader is a student who has successfully completed the course and has been recommended by the professor. SI Leaders attend all classes and host weekly review sessions. All SI Leaders receive SI Training in addition to AVID Tutor Training.

Does SI Work?

YES! Students who participate in SI earn higher test grades, course grades and persist more often than non-participants.

Still not sure?

Ask yourself the following questions, if you answer YES to any of these questions you should participate in SI:

  • Is my comprehension of certain concepts fuzzy?
  • Am I dissatisfied with my grade?
  • Do I need help understanding my homework?
  • Do I need practice organizing information?
  • Do I need encouragement to boost my self-confidence?
  • Do I need help in developing a good problem-solving strategy?
  • Do I need another point of view?
  • Do I need help reviewing for exams?
  • Do I really want to waste my student service fees on a service I don't even use?