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AVID for Higher Education is designed specifically to meet the needs of students attending a college or university. AHE resources systemically address the goals of increased learning, persistence, completion, and success in and beyond college. AVID assists higher education professionals in analyzing existing student support initiatives and data, identifying barriers and needs, and establishing and assessing student learning outcomes.

AVID for Higher Education at UTPB consists of two initiatives: Student Success and Teacher Preparation. These initiatives act as a holistic, integrated college success system designed for students with the determination to succeed and for campuses and teacher education programs committed to promoting student success.

For additional information about AVID for Higher Education, please contact

Student Success Initiative (SSI)

The Student Success Initiative (SSI) builds on AVID Secondaries' more than a 30-year successful track record of effectively promoting college access and preparedness. With the SSI, AVID now spans both sides of the secondary-postsecondary bridge, extending its historic mission of promoting college readiness to include college success.

For more information about UTPB's Student Success Initiative, contact Dr. Michael Frawley at 432-552-2314.


Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI)

The Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) provides teacher candidates a deep understanding of, and practical experience with, AVID methodologies and meeting their students' needs, bringing the AVID system full circle as these teacher candidates leave the universities prepared to teach in a manner that allows all students to be college ready.

For more information about UTPB's Teacher Preparation Initiative, contact Lorraine Spickermann or the College of Education.