Students in classroom

Minor in Criminal Justice Online

Students minoring in Criminal Justice online must complete 18 semester credit hours. Twelve of those hours must be upper-level courses.

Course options

Students must choose from the following course offerings:

CCJO 2310 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (UTA)
CCJO 3312 Criminal Justice Administration (UTPB)
CCJO 4316 Theories of Criminal Behavior (UTPB)
CCJO 3320 Research Methods (UTA)
CCJO 3322 Legal Aspects of Evidence (UTB)
CCJO 3326 Legal Aspects of Corrections (UTB)
CCJO 3332 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice (UTPB)
CCJO 4330 American Judicial Systems (UTA)
CCJO 4336 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (UTA)
CCJO 4338 Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice (UTB)
CCJO 4350 Institutional Corrections (UTA)
CCJO 4352 Criminal Careers and Behavior Systems (UTA)
CCJO 4354 Ethics in Criminal Justice (UTPB)
CCJO 4356 Probation and Parole (UTPB)
CCJO 4358 Principles of Law Enforcement Supervision (UTB)
CCJO 4360 Correctional Casework and Counseling (UTB)
CCJO 4362 Seminar of Issues in Law Enforcement (UTB)
CCJO 4364 Police and the Community (UTPB)
CCJO 3370 Ethnic and Gender Issues in Criminal Justice (UTA)
CCJO 4372 Drugs and Behavior (UTPB)

Consult your academic advisor to declare a Minor in Criminal Justice, to obtain advice, or to seek approval of substitutions for course requirements.