Student receiving tutoring while working math problem on a white board

Mathematics Program

Everyone counts, multiplies, factors in and out.

Who needs a calculator when you’re a natural at crunching numbers? Can you read the story behind the numbers and apply them to real-life situations? If this describes you, you may have just solved the problem: “what’s my college major?”

At UT Permian Basin, you can earn a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Mathematics with a teaching certification. You will learn how to provide technical support and to conduct research in high-technology industries, government, and private companies. You can also earn certification to teach mathematics in schools. 

You will be able to apply theories and techniques to solve practical problems. These skills will serve as a stepping stone to grad school and to becoming a professional mathematician.

What can I do with a mathematics degree?

The discipline of math is often described as “the queen of all sciences.” Mathematicians seek truth in logic. If you choose to study numbers, your career opportunities are limitless. The demand for professionals with strong education in math is second to none—greater today than ever before. 

Thanks to technology and big data across all industries, expert number crunchers are in high demand. Graduates with a math degree can pursue a career in teaching or help solve problems in business, economics and banking.