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Nursing Program

Critical thinking meets clinical judgement.

A career in nursing is both challenging and rewarding. As a nurse, you are charged with caring for not just a person’s physical needs, but emotional needs as well. The nursing program at The University of Texas Permian Basin is science-based, patient-centered, and care-driven. Coursework will help students understand human behavior and help gain insight into the human spirit.

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Why nursing at UTPB?

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Small Class Sizes

Individual attention, increased participation, and better communication

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NCLEX First-Time Pass Rate

Our nursing graduates surpass the national and Texas NCLEX pass rate averages with a 94% first-attempt success rate.

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Why should I study nursing?

Nursing is one of the most in-demand professions in our region and around the globe. Being a nurse comes with great responsibility, but it also provides personal fulfillment and reward. You are able to administer care to patients and support them in a time of need. No two days look alike for a nurse, so this job is anything but boring. Sound like you?

At UT Permian Basin, students are prepared to problem-solve, based on evidence and research, while including the patient as the main source of information. Strong clinical experiences are provided in UTPB's state-of-the-art SIM Lab and community healthcare facilities.

What are my job prospects?

Earning a degree in nursing sets you up for a rewarding career with many options. Nurses are needed in virtually every area of healthcare services, monitoring patient progress, and educating patients and their families about a health condition or disease. As a nurse, you can work in a hospital and other facilities, such as private clinics, schools, nursing care centers, prisons, and military bases.

What industry-specific skills will I learn?

Our UT Permian Basin nursing students learn clinical, technical, and critical thinking skills in labs first, enabling them to provide competent and safe patient care in a risk-free environment. The Midland Health Simulation and Learning Resource Center (aka Sim Lab) simulates real-life scenarios in realistic settings simulating a hospital, clinic, labor and delivery room, emergency area, and medication delivery room. The manikins contain state-of-the-art simulation technology that create realistic environments where the patient can talk, breathe, bleed, cough, and perform many other real-life medical scenarios.

Industry skills that students learn and practice include:

  • Assessing patients' conditions
  • Starting IVs and foley catheters
  • Administering medications and treatments
  • Wound care
  • Operating medical equipment
  • Working with interprofessional teams during drills that simulate what happens in real medical situations

Nursing and Pre-health Scholarships

It’s no secret that medical school is expensive. UT Permian Basin wants to help take your undergraduate costs off your plate! In partnership with the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP), UTPB is able to cover tuition and mandatory fees for undergraduates majoring in Nursing, Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, and Pre-Pharmacy through a competitive, renewable four-year scholarship. Funding is awarded through a combination of federal, state, and institutional funds to qualifying students.

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5 Factors for Choosing a Nursing School

Your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from UT Permian Basin School of Nursing prepares you for success as a valued nursing professional within an occupation that is consistently in high demand.  

Are you ready to begin your journey in nursing? There are five important factors you should consider when selecting a nursing school.

  1. Faculty/Student relationships and class size
  2. NCLEX first-time pass rates
  3. Program cost and available financial aid
  4. Technology available for hands-on training
  5. Job placement following graduation
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Nursing Degrees

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At UT Permian Basin your college education is transformative, and money shouldn't hold you back. The Falcon Free program can cover your tuition costs and mandatory fees.

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