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Fast Track Certification FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How long is the Falcon Fast Track certification program?

A – The Falcon Fast Track program is 11 to 12 months for most participants, including the internship or clinical teaching.  A small number of participants choose a slower pace that is better suited to their personal circumstances and needs.

Q – Can I work while I complete the Falcon Fast Track program?

A – Yes. Nearly all Fast Track participants work full time while they complete the program. Of course, when you get hired for your new job as a full-time teacher and start your internship, the demands of teaching make unlikely you will be unable to continue in your previous job.

Q – Which PACT test do I need to take?

A – The TX PACT Required Test Chart identifies which PACT test is needed for each content area. If you are still unsure, please reach out to our office at or 432-552-2120. 

Q – How much does a PACT test cost?

A – The testing fee is currently $116.

Q – Can I take the PACT test at UTPB?

A – Pearson, the testing provider, does not currently offer the PACT test at UTPB. Pearson has a testing center in Midland. Pearson also offers the PACT at the Odessa College testing center, and at more than 100 other test locations throughout Texas.

Q – Where can I find study materials?

A – Free study materials are available on the TExES testing website (external link). Suggestions for other resources are available from our certification testing coordinator at

Q – Do I need to take the PACT test if I have already passed a TExES content exam?

A – If you have already passed a TExES content exam in your certification area, you do not need to take the PACT test, and you will not be required to take the same TExES exam again.

Q – Do I need to take the PACT if i have a high enough GPA?

A – Effective 9/1/18, a passing score on a content area TExES test (or tests) is required for admission to the post-bac and alternative teacher certification programs. This may be achieved by PACT or by a test passed under a previous certification program. Please have scores submitted to

Q – What is the deadline for taking the TExES content-area test?

A – The TExES content-area exam is required to obtain an intern teaching certificate, which is necessary to be hired as a teacher of record. To have the best opportunities of being hired for the next school year, we encourage you to take your TExES content exam no later than July 25.

Q – When can I start an internship?

A – You can start an internship when you have passed the TExES test(s) for your content area, you have completed 30 hours of classroom observation, and you have completed at least half of the certification coursework.

Q – Can I start an internship sooner than that?

A – If you are hired as a teacher less than 45 days before the start of school, or after the start of school, you can start an internship before you have completed the observation hours and half of the coursework. However, you shall complete the missing requirements within 90 school days of starting your teaching assignment.

Q – I have a job at a school. Can I keep it?

A – That is often possible, especially if the school district can convert the job to a regular teaching position. Each situation is different. We suggest that you discuss the possibilities with your school administration and with our Fast Track certification team.

Q – What is the difference between an internship and clinical teaching?

A – An intern is hired as a teacher, with full salary and benefits, and total responsibility for the classroom for the school year. A clinical teacher (or student teacher) is not hired as a teacher, and usually has no salary or benefits. He or she shares the classroom of an experienced teacher for approximately one semester.

Q – How do I complete the program and receive my standard teacher certification?

A – You must successfully complete all required coursework and observations, your internship year or clinical teaching, and pass your content-area TExES test(s) and PPR exam. When you have completed the requirements, you will be eligible to be recommended for your Standard Certification.