Will I have to reimburse UTPB if I drop a class and am enrolled below 12 hours?
  • Yes. If you drop a class and are enrolled in less than 12 credit hours, your Falcon Free funds have been disbursed, your grant will be canceled, and you will need to return any funds if you have a balance on your account.
What happens if I don’t meet the minimum standards to continue to receive Falcon Free (i.e. complete 24 hours during the Fall and Spring with a 2.0 GPA)?
  • In order to receive funding for the next academic year, you must meet the minimum. You would need to take classes over the summer to increase your GPA and/or the number of hours completed. An appeal can be submitted with documentation on why you did not meet the requirement. There is no guarantee the appeal will be approved.
What happens if I need more than 8 semesters of Falcon Free funding to graduate?
  • You will need to submit an appeal to Financial Aid to extend your Falcon Free past the 8 semesters. The appeal form is located on the financial aid forms page. Complete the form and provide any documentation such as a degree plan. You will be notified by email after your appeal is reviewed.
Will there be new funds available for Spring?
  • No. In general, new Falcon Free funds are awarded and exhausted in the Fall semester. There may be some exceptions, but funds cannot be guaranteed. There are additional grants and scholarships available for students. Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information. 
Is Falcon Free funding available in the summer?
  • No. Falcon Free is not available in the summer; however, the university does offer grants and scholarships during the summer to students. The funding is limited, so ensure to complete your expected enrollment ASAP. We use this as a notification that a student will be attending in the summer to award students.
What about developmental education?
  • Developmental education courses are covered but may extend the number of hours you need to graduate.
Are transfer students eligible, and are there different requirements? 
  • All undergraduate students working on their first Bachelor's degree are potentially eligible for Falcon Free as long as they meet the requirements. Incoming freshman, transfer, and continuing students all have the same requirements.
If I don’t receive Falcon Free upon entry to UTPB, can I qualify later?
  • Yes, students must qualify for the program every year. It is an annual program. The priority for funding will begin with students who are continuing in the program. If funds are available, students that newly qualify can be awarded.
Will withdrawing from a class affect my Falcon Free?
  • Withdrawing from a class will not affect your Falcon Free funding for the semester, but it could impact your future funding.
How will I know if I got Falcon Free?
  • If the total of your awards for grants and scholarships on your award letter are at least $10,000 you have received Falcon Free. Falcon Free awards include Pell Grant, TEXAS Grant, FSEOG, HSI grant, waiver and merit scholarships.
What if I receive enough state and federal grants to cover my tuition and mandatory fees?
  • Falcon Free ensures tuition and mandatory fees up to 15 credit hours per semester (fall and spring semesters only) will be paid by a combination of federal, state, and institutional funds*. If the combined total of these funds is greater than the tuition and mandatory fee total for the semester (up to 15 credit hours), Falcon Free has been met and no additional grant is awarded. *Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, TEXAS Grant, tuition waiver/exemptions, institutional scholarships, etc.
Does Falcon Free cover room and board?
  • No. You can use scholarships, personal funds, or loans to cover this cost if you choose to live on campus.
What other costs are there besides tuition and mandatory fees?
  • There can be additional course-related fees, books, supplies, room and board (if chosen).