Your future can be anything you want. At UT Permian Basin, you’ll discover your professional dreams and personal passions—and how to make them real. Along the way, you’ll earn a world-class education in one of the world’s most beautiful, economically active regions.

You can attend any number of universities. But no other school can offer a better value: top-notch academics at an affordable cost. A few years from now, as you graduate and step into your new career, you’ll be armed with a great education, a huge network, and little (or no) debt. 

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Midland L.E.E. Students Happy About Going to UTPB

Requirements for Freshmen

In addition to graduating with the recommended academic programs, applicants can also be automatically admitted to UT Permian Basin by meeting the required entrance exam and class rank criteria listed here:

Entrance Exam for Automatic Admission

SAT or ACT exam Requirements
HS Graduation Class Rank SAT ACT
Top 25% No Minimum Score No Minimum Score
2nd Quarter 1020 20
3rd Quarter 1160 24
4th Quarter 1280 27

If you don’t meet these requirements, you may still be admitted to UT Permian Basin. Every freshman class includes students who are admitted after a professional, individual review of their documents and application. 

Test-Optional Policy

Students will be reviewed on a holistic basis focusing on the strength of the high school record, overall grade point average, grades within the core subjects, dual credit work and additional information (resume and/or extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, and work experience provided with the ApplyTexas application). We also recognize the value of standardized tests as a piece of the review process and will consider alongside the other required application credentials, if provided. 

Please note:

  • Students should submit exam scores to qualify for scholarships. No minimum test score is required, but students must submit them to be considered.
  • SAT scores taken prior to March 2016 comprise Verbal/Critical Reading and Math.
  • SAT scores taken since March 2016 comprise Evidence-based Reading & Writing and Math.
  • Students meet UTPB's high school unit requirements if they are a Texas student who has completed any of the following:
    • Distinguished High School Graduation Plan
    • Distinguished Level of Achievement in the Texas Foundation School Program
    • Hold the International Baccalaureate Diploma (or equivalent college preparatory program)

Required Documents

  1. Completed online application 
  2. Non-refundable application fee of $40
  3. Official high school transcript showing grade average, class rank (or approximate), and expected date of graduation
  4. SAT and/or ACT scores (test optional)

If you’re taking dual credit/early college course work, have an official transcript sent to the Office of Admissions at UT Permian Basin.

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Required

Effective October 1, 2013, all new students and those who are returning after a one semester absence and under the age of 22 will be required to show evidence that they have received the bacterial meningitis vaccination or eligible for an exemption prior to enrolling. The vaccination dose or booster must be during the five-year period preceding and at least 10 days prior to the first day of class or prior to moving into on-campus housing (whichever is applicable). Students taking online courses only (no on-campus based courses) are not required to have the vaccination. Send evidence of the vaccination or qualified exemption to UTPB Admissions, 4901 E University Blvd, Odessa, TX 79762. For more information about the immunization requirements and exclusions, please refer to the Texas Department of Health Services, Immunization Branch (MC 1946), PO Box 149347, Austin, TX 78714-9347. Exemption information based on Medical reasons or for reasons of conscience can be found at "College Vaccine Requirements".