What is Guaranteed Tuition?

Guaranteed Tuition is University of Texas Permian Basin's Commitment to ensure students pay a constant tuition rate for 4 academic years beginning with the fall term in the academic year of the undergraduate student's initial enrollment as an on-campus degree seeking student at UTPB. The guaranteed tuition rates star Fall 2014.

What is the purpose and benefit of a Guaranteed Tuition Rate?

The purpose of Guaranteed Tuition is to help make the costs of a college education more predictable for undergraduate students and their families. Guaranteed Tuition protects students and their families from sudden spikes in tuition and enables them to estimate and budget for college expenses more accurately. 

Who qualifies for Guaranteed Tuition Rate?

Guaranteed Tuition rate applies to all incoming freshman and transfer on-campus students - resident, non-resident, or international - who enroll in an undergraduate degree program on the UTPB campus.

Do I have to sign up for the Guaranteed Transfer Tuition rates?

Yes. Students must notify the Registrar's office that they would like to enroll in th Guaranteed Tuition Plan. Once the Guaranteed Tuition Plan rate option is selected, a student may not change to the Tradition Tuition plan rate. 

Does the Guaranteed Tuition Rate include Fees or Differential Tuition rates?

No, Fees are changed separately and may vary by academic year. Differential tuition applies only to degree programs in Engineering, Nursing and Business and is in addition to base tuition rates. Differential tuition rates are not guaranteed or included in the base tuition rate. 

What if I need to defer my admission and start date?

For students who have deferred admission, the Guaranteed Tuition rate in effect at the time first enrollment will apply. 

What if I need more that eight (8) semester to complete my degree?

Students who have had continuous enrollment but who have exhausted the allotted 4 year Guaranteed Tuition rate would be placed in the Traditional Tuition rate and be charged current tuition rates each year until they complete the degree. 

What if I am a part-time degree-seeking student?

Students who enroll as part-time, degree-seeking undergraduates pay the Traditional Tuition plan rates for tuition & fees.

What if I am a non-degree seeking student (part-time or full-time)?

Undergraduate student not seeking a degree will pay the tuition rate established for that current year and for any new tuition increases for future years even if they subsequently switch to degree seeking status.

What if U start at UTPB as a part-time degree-seeking student and then enroll full-time?

If you enroll as a part-time, degree-seeking undergraduate, you will pay a pro-rated per credit based on the Guaranteed Tuition rate. You will have four years at the Guaranteed Tuition rate whether you're part-time or full-time.

Does Guaranteed Tuition rate include classes in the summer sessions?

Yes. Guaranteed Tuition includes all classes in all sessions and terms occurring within the four year Guarantee period. Non-resident students' summer tuition may differ from the Guaranteed Tuition rate but will not exceed that rate. 

What is the tuition rate for students who enroll and attend UTPB for the first time during the spring semester?

Students who first enroll at UTPB in the spring semester will pay the rate in effect for the fall semester of that academic year. The Guaranteed Tuition rate will continue through the summer session for that academic year plus three more academic years. 

I am a Post-Baccalaureate student. Do I qualify fro the Guaranteed Tuition rate?

No. Guaranteed Tuition is only available to students seeking their first bachelor's degree.

I am high school student taking UTPB Dual Credit courses. Does the Guaranteed Tuition rate apply to me?

No. Dual Credit Students do not qualify for the Guaranteed Tuition Rate. Dual Credit Students pay the Dual Credit enrollment tuition rate in effect during the academic year in which they are enrolled as a High School Dual Credit Student.

I am an international student. Does the Guaranteed Tuition rate apply to me?

Yes. International students that are accepted into degree seeking, on-campus programs are treated the same as non-resident students, and the same Guaranteed Tuition rate will apply. International student end dates will be determined based on the expected date of completion for the program as specified on the student's visa. International students requiring more that four academic years to complete will have the rate increase in the same manner as other students requiring additional time to complete. 

What if I need to take a fall or spring semester off for any reason?

Student may opt out for up to two consecutive (fall/spring) semesters lose their Guarantee Tuition rate. 

I am enrolled in a Distance Education program. Does the Guaranteed Tuition rate apply to me?

No. Students who are enrolled in online classes pay a tuition rate specific to that course or program. They do not qualify for the Guaranteed Tuition rate. 

What if I begin as an on-campus student and then switch to Extended Studies for one semester?

Student who begin as on-campus students and then switch to a distance program for on semester can retain their original Guaranteed Tuition rate; however, the distance semester of enrollment is included in the four years. While enrolled in distance programs the student pays the Distance Education tuition rate. 

What if I begin on campus and then switch to Extended Studies for two or more semester?

A student enrolling in more than one consecutive semester as an online student will be considered as a re-admission if they return to the on-campus program. They will return at the rate in effect at the time of their re-admission. 

What if I need to withdraw from all my courses one semester?

Students who withdraw from all their UTPB regular (fall/spring) semester courses can retain their original Guarantee Tuition rate; however, the semester does count as on of the four year terms at the Guaranteed Tuition rate. 

How many years of Guaranteed Tuition rate are transfer students eligible for?

Transfer students will be awarded Guaranteed Tuition based on the number of credits transferred and the remaining credits required for degree completion . Based on this an end date will be assigned. They will be awarded 1-4 years at the Guaranteed Tuition rate in effect at the time of their admission, ending on the designated end date.

Does the 12-20 Credit Hours Tuition Window still apply?

Yes. Students enrolling in 12-20 credits pay the same tuition at the guaranteed base tuition rate. The tuition window and Guaranteed Tuition rate make enrolling in 15 or more credits the fastest and most economical way to earn your degree.

What if I have a Graduation Application form on file but do not actually graduate until a later semester? What happens to my Guarantee Tuition status?

You will have four years at the Guaranteed Tuition rate to complete your baccalaureate degree. If they required additional years after the end date they will be treated in the same manner as any students requiring time of completion.