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How Much Does it Cost to Go to UT Permian Basin?

One of the Most Affordable Schools in Texas

Earning a degree isn’t only attainable, it’s affordable. We are breaking down what it’ll cost you to attend The University of Texas Permian Basin.

The following estimated costs are for undergraduate students who are first enrolling at The University of Texas Permian Basin in fall 2019 and are based on full-time enrollment (15 or more hours per semester) for the nine-month academic year.

Living on Campus

Texas Resident Non-Resident
Tuition & Fees $8,200 $9,250
Housing & Meals $10,970 $10,970
Subtotal $19,170 $20,220

Distance Learner 

Tuition & Fees $9,799

International Student

Tuition & Fees $20,860
Housing & Meals $10,970
Subtotal $31,830

Detailed breakdown of tuition and fees.

Guaranteed Tuition Rates

Guaranteed tuition is UT Permian Basin’s commitment to ensure students pay a constant tuition rate for four academic years beginning with the fall term in the academic year of the undergraduate student’s initial enrollment as an on-campus degree seeking student.

Learn more about Guaranteed Tuition Rates.

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