The Ballet Folklorico de UTPB dance company performs at school and community events around the Permian Basin. Instruction by Krisandra Skeens, email skeens_k@utpb.edu for information about tryouts.

Ballet Folklorico History

Historically, the original ballet folklorico was started by Amalia Hernández in Mexico in the late 1950s. Her dance company depicted the dances of various indigenous groups from different states throughout Mexico. The costumes and dance styles are typical of the different regions of Mexico and depict the history of Mexico, from pre-Columbus days through modern times.

Ballet Folklorico Today

Today, ballet folklorico groups exist in various countries, including a surging popularity in the United States. Elaborate costumes and make-up along with often complicated dance steps help the dancers tell the story of Mexican folklore. Many dances mimic animals, while others tell the story of Mexican legends, such as the China Poblana. Dances may be arranged to fit the needs of the dance group and many schools around the country have started ballet folklorico groups.


UTPB offers a ballet folklorico scholarship for eligible students. In order to receive a scholarship, students must try out for the team and must attend required course, practices and performances.


The Ballet Folklorico performs for campus events, for area schools, and community events. To schedule a performance of the Ballet Folklorico, contact the Office of Senior Associate Vice President for Student Services at (432) 552-2600.