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Fog on Campus

As a public, state-funded institution, The University of Texas Permian Basin strives to share relevant information with internal and external audiences. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide University information that is both accurate and consistent to avoid misunderstanding, misinterpretation, or confusion.

To achieve this accuracy and consistency, the Communications and Marketing team has implemented the following policies and procedures that must be followed by all University stakeholders:

For external media

  • The primary University spokesperson is Tatum Hubbard, Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Communications and Marketing. She can be reached at (432) 552-3102. In her absence, another member of the Communications and Marketing team will be appointed.
  • The University spokesperson will provide broad, general information in responses to Univeristy inquiries, including interview requests.
  • The Communications and Marketing team is the primary and official liason for all media requests.
  • Authorization to speak on behalf of the University may only be given by a representative of Communications and Marketing. In addition, all inquiries and interview requests should be directed to Communications and Marketing.

Requests can be sent to:

  • Tatum Hubbard

Chief of Staff/Executive Director of Communications and Marketing

  • Tatum G’s Replacement

Communications Manager
Email goes here

  • We understand that most media requests have a hard deadline and our team works hard to meet media requests in a timely manner. However, we ask media to understand and respect that there are times it could take up to 24 hours to set up an interview on a specific topic – please plan accordingly.
  • All media must have an escort from the Communications and Marketing team while on campus – please check-in with our team.
  • No faculty nor staff member may make official statements on behalf of the University without consultation with, and express authorization from, Communications and Marketing.
  • When writing about or for the University, we ask that you refer to our style guide. >>link to style guide.

Community Filming

  • The university’s wide-open spaces and outdoor events have opened the opportunity for drone filming. While it is welcomed, there are state regulations drone-operators must abide by before filming on campus.
  • Drone operators who plan to film campus, must get authorization from the Communications and Marketing team.
  • The university requires all drone operators to obtain a Certificate of Authorization from the FAA before flying the drone on campus.

News Releases

  • All University press releases are distributed by Communications and Marketing, unless special authorization is granted.
  • Press releases written by other members of the University must be reviewed, approved and distributed by Communications Marketing.
  • All university press releases are reviewed by relevant personnel to ensure that the news releases are accurate and consistent.
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