Campus Security Authorities

Who are Campus Security Authorities? 

  • Officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities
  • A campus police or security department
  • Individuals who have responsibility for campus security
  • Individuals or offices designated to receive crime reports

CSA Responsibilities

  • If someone tells you about a crime or an incident that might be a crime, you must report it to your institution’s designated office or an official responsible for collecting Clery report information.
  • Share the information as related by the person.
  • When in doubt report.
  • Tell the person who disclosed the crime to you that you must share the information.
  • Help connect the person to available options and resources within the institution.

What do I share? 

  • Date, time, and location of the incident
  • Date and time the incident was reported to you
  • Description of the nature of the incident
  • Identities of the individuals involved, including known suspects and witnesses (although not required)

For Emergencies: call (432) 552-2911

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