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Employee Education Incentive Program

The University of Texas Permian Basin encourages non-teaching employees to pursue education and professional development opportunities that maintain or improve skills related to the performance of their jobs. In recognition of the completion of such education and professional development, the University will provide a base salary adjustment to eligible employees upon the receipt of the degree or an approved job related professional certification that is recognized or licensed by the State of Texas or The University of Texas System.

The Director of Human Resources will determine that the degree or job related professional certification qualifies for the base salary adjustment and documentation of completion will be required for verification.

Salary Increases

Salary incentive increases will be based upon the degree or certification as follows:

  • Bachelor's Degree $ 500.00
  • Master's Degree $ 1000.00
  • Doctoral Degree $ 1500.00
  • Approved Professional Certification $ 500.00


Only State of Texas recognized, or licensed professional certifications qualify and only when they are directly related to the performance of the employee's job. Professional certifications must be planned and recorded in the employee's annual performance review and development plan/annual evaluation plan and must be reported to and approved by the Director of Human Resources as an eligible professional certification at the time that the annual plan is completed. Only Administrative and Professional positions are eligible for base salary adjustments resulting from a professional certification.

No more than two professional certifications will be eligible per employee unless special circumstances are determined to exist by the Director of Human Resources.

How it Works

The Education Incentive Program base salary adjustment will be effective on the first day of the first month following completion of the degree or professional certification and only after official documentation of completion attached to a Personnel Transaction Form (PO-1) is received by the Director of Human Resources.

The Education Incentive Program was effective as of January 1, 2002 for degrees and professional certifications completed after this date. There will be no retroactive adjustments. The program is open to eligible employees defined as regular, full-time (40-hours per week) university staff (non-teaching). A regular full-time staff member is defined as an employee who is eligible for benefits and who is enrolled in either the Teachers Retirement System or the Optional Retirement Program.

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