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Wellness Program

Program Participation

Our Falcon Fitness Wellness Program offers social, financial, spiritual, professional, emotional, intellectual, environmental, and physical well-being resources to our employees.  Invest in your overall well-being and develop your own personal wellness goals with the tools and resources provided here. 

As a UT Select or UT Care member you and your enrolled dependents have access to additional wellness tools and resources at no additional cost. 

Falcon Fitness Platform

for UT Select and UT Care members (employees, retirees, and dependents) ages 18+, our well-being engagement platform is designed to help you achieve your well-being goals. When you participate, you will earn points toward recognition all while achieving your best self. 

Visit Limeade online or scan the qr code below to begin your journey.  (If you download the app, search 'University of Texas'.)



Program Incentives

Gym Membership Incentive: As a part of our Falcon Fitness Wellness Program, members will be eligible to receive a UTPB sponsored gym membership of $19 per month.

You will earn points as you complete activities designed to build positive habits in physical, emotional, financial, and social well-being. 

Every time you level up in the well-being platform, you will be entered into a quarterly prize drawing. 

Level Reward
Level 1 - Believe I am committed to living well! 1,000 points + one drawing entry
Level 2 - Achieve I am creating health balance in my life! 3,000 points + one drawing entry
Level 3 - Succeed I have prioritized my health and happiness! 5,000 + one drawing entry

*Special rewards will be presented to all participants at the end of the program year based on their top achievement level. 

UTPB Wellness Wheel
Our Wellness Philosophy is deeply rooted in empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards their well-being. The eight feathers of wellness model is a holistic approach encompassing various aspects of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational, and financial) to encourage our "falcon family" to engage with wellness programs, resources, and tools and commit to their overall health and happiness.


Falcon Fitness Social Logo

Build authentic connections, maintain healthy relationships, and have a sense of belonging. 

Falcon Fitness Financial Logo

Live within your means, manage your money for peace of mind, and build a healthy mindset about finances. 

Falcon Fitness Spiritual Logo

Discover and maintain your sense of purpose and live each day according to your deeply held values. 

Falcon Fitness Professional Logo

Pursue work that brings personal satisfaction aligned with your values, goals, and lifestyle. 

Falcon Fitness Emotional Logo

Cope with life's challenges while accepting and managing emotions, experiences, and vulnerabilities.

Falcon Fitness Intellectual Logo

Engage in activities that stimulate the brain, be creative, and seek ways to expand your knowledge and skills.

Falcon Fitness Environmental Logo

Connect with nature. Work and live in places that are clean, safe, and supportive of your well-being.

Falcon Fitness Physical Logo

Prioritize physical activity, proper nutrition, self-care, and sleep to help your body function efficiently.

For additional information about other UT wellness resources and programs visit Living Well.