Complaint Process

UT Permian Basin's College of Education has established the following procedures for responding to formal complaints regarding customer service provided by College of Education faculty and staff.

Filing a Grade Appeal or Academic Grievance

A student who wishes to appeal a grade, or who wishes to contest the course requirements, examinations, course content, admission to a program, instructor behavior, or similar issue, may submit their complaint or concern via the University Complaint Portal. A complaint must be initiated within 30 days of the issuance of the grade or of the alleged infraction/dispute.

The university's complaint administrator will review the complaint and forward the matter to the appropriate responsible executive and administrator for investigation and resolution. Once the complaint is resolved, the complaint administrator will inform the complainant of the resolution, if applicable.

This link provides more information about the student grievance process and timeline.

Filing a College of Education Customer Service Complaint

Complaints concerning the customer service provided by employees of the College of Education must be submitted in writing, and must include the facts upon which the complaint is based. Anonymous or unsigned complaints will not be processed.

Customer service complaints will be filed via the Complaint Portal. In the body of the message, request that the complaint be directed to the appropriate responsible administrator in the College of Education.

Your complaint or concern will be reviewed and addressed by College of Education administration, depending on the nature of the complaint, and you will be provided with a written response within 30 working days. The response will include either (a) a summary of the resolution of the complaint or (b) an estimated timeline for resolving the complaint if the College of Education is unable to complete the review within 30 working days.

TEA Notice of Complaint Rights