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Water Lecture Series

The Water Lecture Series allows the community, industry leaders, academia, and government agencies to come together to network and discuss state-of-the-art treatment technologies, challenges and opportunities. 

Each semester (fall, spring, and summer), an expert in a related industry presents their knowledge on a water and energy topic. The series helps engage the community and teaches the environmental benefits of reusing water in the oil industry. The series is free and open to the public.  

These lectures will address key issues such as beneficial reuse and recycle of FPW, fit-for-purpose treatment technologies, energy-water nexus, data analytics, socio-economics, policy and regulation, and environmental impacts. International and national experts can bring invaluable insights to these key areas and to our regional political, business, and academic leadership. The Lecture Series on Water Issues, will serve to bring these leaders to our community to inspire our own academic community and policy makers to deepen their engagement with the region’s industries and the university.  

The Lecture Series also offers professional development training modules on FPW management to the industry personnel; and d) provide regional industries and policy makers with reliable information on advanced FPW-based technologies, and major research and scientific breakthroughs.   

Upcoming Lectures

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May 28 - Dr. Geoffrey Thyne

August 27 - Dr. Markus Drouven

Previous Water Lectures


By sponsoring this Lecture Series you will:  

  • Strengthen your company's brand as an environmentally conscientious corporation. A company's active engagement in making safe products for the environment and tackling difficult global issues makes this lecture series will be a natural fit.  
  • Provide an invaluable resource to begin promoting and educating the regional community on FPW as a beneficial water source.  
  • Offer UT Permian Basin an opportunity to bringing local, regional, and national leaders from all sectors together so they can engage in active discussion on critical issues such as FPW reuse, recycle, water safety, water usage, and effective resource management. 
  • Support UTPB’s effort to establish beneficial research partnerships with the industry and government agencies. 

Want to learn more? Email engineering@utpb.edu or call (432)552-3434.