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Please find common forms for graduate studies. If you do not see the form you’re looking for or need help, contact our office at gradstudies@utpb.edu, call (432) 552-2530.

Graduate Academic Forms

  • Graduate Academic Petition
    Request for change to graduate degree plan or exception to graduate policy. 
  • Graduate Change of Program Request 
    Request to change master's program and/or add certification if you are already accepted. Your new program may require additional information such as letters of recommendation, essays, new application, new scores, etc. There is no guarantee that you will be admitted to the new program, or that courses you have completed will transfer. Contact an advisor in the new program before deciding to change your program.
  • Graduate Admissions Appeal Form Request to appeal an admission decision. The appeal must be based on the grounds that the denial was a violation of the admissions policy and procedure or the application was not evaluated in accordance with the criteria for admission set forth by the intended graduate program/department.
  • Graduate Transfer Credit Request Form
    Request to transfer graduate courses completed at another accredited institution. All credit transfers must be approved after acceptance to a graduate program. 
  • Graduate Add Certification Form
    Request to add certification to current master’s degree.
  • Graduate Dismissal Appeal Form
    Request to appeal a graduate dismissal
  • Graduate Request to Dean of Graduate Studies
    Request for an exception
  • Graduate Defense Form
    Memorandum to Dean of Graduate Studies for oral and written examinations.

Graduate Assistantship Forms

Graduate Studies Curriculum Forms 

(New forms are coming before the end of Fall'2020)

Graduate Faculty Status

Accelerated Master's Pathway Forms