Geo-science symposium

The study of geology is more than just rocks, it’s an in-depth look at how earth was formed, what it’s made of and how it’s always changing. Geology students study the earth, the elements that comprise it, and the forces that act upon it. UT Permian Basin is the perfect place to study geology—we’re located (and named after) on a famous geologic province known as the Permian Basin.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Geology, Bachelor of Science in Geology with a concentration in Petroleum Geology, a Master's of Science in Geology, or a non-major minor in Geology. Students in the geology program graduate with the expertise to participate in the workforce or to pursue a graduate degree (MS/PhD). 

What can I do with a geology degree?

As both an applied and academic discipline, a degree in Geology will prepare you for careers in petroleum, mining, water resources, environmental management, environmental geology, governmental agencies, engineering geology, geochemistry, geophysics, and natural resources. Many graduates of UT Permian Basin’s geology program go on to work in the energy industry. They often take jobs in exploration, well site operations, field services, and the department provides other opportunities to enhance student training and skills, for example ancillary training in Oil - Gas Landman and, specialized industry workshops. 

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Have fun while learning on the field, with Advanced Field Geology at UT Permian Basin! Students will be trained on how to use field equipment and how to carry out field expeditions to: 1. Study the stratigraphic and structural relationships 2. Identify fossils, minerals, and rocks 3. Integrate and employ field data to solve geological problems