Healthcare Management

Be the unseen hero.
Do selfless work with altruistic teams.
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Healthcare Management Programs 

Efficiency + Care = Healthcare Management. 

Work smarter is your motto because you believe in doing things right—quickly. 

Whether your interests lie in people management, finance, or compliance, the Healthcare Management program at UT Permian Basin readies you for the career of your choice. Combine your dual interests in business and healthcare with this program. 

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Why Healthcare Management at UTPB?

Gold Book


First-year median wages range from $55-$100K

Gold Microphone


Texas is the 2nd highest state employing Medical and Health Services Managers

Gold Heart


Growing demand for healthcare services over the next decade

Why should I study healthcare management?

Studying healthcare management has clear benefits for your future. It also comes with an above-average stress level. So, study healthcare management for more than its strong career outcomes. Find your own fulfillment by creating better, more caring facilities.
Medical and health services managers are the planners, directors, and coordinators. You work behind the scenes to keep hospitals, nursing homes, group practices, and other organizations running well. Be part of a team working to improve individual and community health. 

What are my job prospects?

The skills you develop here give you a wide range of career opportunities, including:

  • Clinic manager, administrator, executive 
  • Patient services specialist 
  • Quality improvement officer 
  • Budget or financial officers 
  • Purchasing officer 
  • Planning and logistics staff

Professions such as medical and health services managers have above-average opportunities for advancement. The role is ranked #4 in the 100 best STEM jobs. It has a median wage of over $100K with the potential of up to $140K. Further, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 28% employment growth for medical and health services managers through 2031. 

What industry-specific skills will I learn?

Upon completion of your coursework, you will be able to work on your own or as a team member to:

  • Communicate the principles of sound healthcare practice
  • Set goals and execute modern strategic healthcare operations initiatives
  • Understand and logically explore solutions for the challenges facilities face in operations

Other management skills include:

  • Using critical reasoning in examining new ideas
  • Applying psychological principles to the real world
  • Developing and communicating alternative explanations or solutions for contemporary social issues
  • Identifying and understanding differences and commonalities within diverse cultures

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