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International Payments

UT Permian Basin has implemented a new integrated and convenient process to make your tuition payments from your home country.


Ways to Make a Payment


  1. Simply log into your Student Portal
  2. Go to My Finances > Manage my Finances 
  3. On the Announcement Panel, scroll down and click on the TransferMate link
  4. Follow the prompts for your payment

Email studaccts@utpb.edu or call (432) 552-2706


UT Permian Basin accepts international payments by wire transfer and other international options through Flywire

flywire-pay-now.jpgFlywire offers multiple international options for over 100 countries. Students and payers will be able to track their payments online from start to finish, save on bank fees and exchange rates, and contact Flywire's 24/7 multilingual Customer Support Team. 


24/7 Multilingual Customer Support 
Phone: (800) 346-9252
Email: support@flywire.com 

Cash Reporting Information